The importance of choosing a detective.

The importance of choosing a detective correctly is crucial. Between tempting offers on the internet and the idea you have of the detective, you can easily be disoriented in this important choice. 

A regulated profession and a duty of advice

t is crucial that the agency to which you are entrusting your problem has an agreement issued by the National Council of Private Security Activities (CNAPS) and all necessary exercise permits. 

Also, the private detective agency must have legal existence (trade registry, etc.). 

Detectives have a duty of advice. Wanting to help you with your problem should be paramount. In fact, it seems appropriate to establish a relationship of trust with the detective who has captured your attention. The AJT DETECTIVE firm will provide you with its listening, its legal and technical advice, and will propose investigative solutions that match your problems. 

The rate!

It is quite normal, when you buy an item, to want to pay as little as possible. But be careful, the private detective provides services like lawyers. Paying less will always be too expensive if your detective does not use all means to help you.

Therefore, beware of cut-rate prices with immediate or nearly immediate contract signature. All the more so because your responsibility may be engaged.