AJT Détective Privé

Abusive sick leaves or fake work accidents represent a huge cost for the company. 

The employer is often tempted to ask the AJT Detective agency when they have some doubts. 

The surveillance of employees is strictly regulated by law. 

The authorized investigators of the AJT Detective agency have the mission of collecting evidence impartially and legally. 

Control of a sick leave: concealed work & unfair competition 

Often, employees on sick leave make use of their free time by working for a competing company or for themselves. 

During the sick leave, the employment contract is suspended, so the employee does not have to perform any work. However, during the periods of suspension of the employment contract, the subordination relationship between the employee and the employer does not disappear completely. The employee remains subject to a duty of loyalty to the company, this general duty covering both a non-competition obligation, loyalty, discretion, reserve, and an obligation not to harm the image or operation of the company. Failure to comply with this obligation may constitute a fault justifying dismissal. 

The investigative report alone cannot be used to dismiss the employee… 

It is not uncommon to resort to a bailiff who can enter a private place. A bailiff’s report will consolidate and finalize our previous investigation work. It will constitute irrefutable evidence before the labor court. Private investigators play an important role in choosing the right moment to involve the bailiff. 

Our collaborators, law professionals.