Years of experience in insurance fraud; Our clients can testify to it...

The manager of AJT DETECTIVE is authorized and specialized in investigating insurance fraud.  

Liability, car accidents, personal injuries, car theft, vehicle fires…. 

AJT Detective has numerous years of experience in terms of insurance investigations. 

Aware of the insurance company’s responsibilities towards the insured and third parties, we do everything in our power to act discreetly.  

Doubt about a third party or your own policyholder? The circumstances of the loss seem unclear?  

We will carry out field checks and interview the parties.  

The 202 NCPC certifications are part of our tools and we attach them to our reports so that you can use them in court in complete confidentiality.  

Article 202 of the Civil Procedure Code: 

  • The certification contains the facts that its author witnessed or personally observed. 
  • It mentions the name, first name, date and place of birth, address and profession of its author and, if applicable, his relationship or alliance with the parties, his subordination to them, his collaboration or community of interests with them.  
  • It also indicates that it is established for the purpose of producing it in court and that its author knows that a false certification on his part exposes him to criminal sanctions.  
  • The certification is written, dated and signed by its author. The latter must attach, in original or photocopy, any official document proving his identity and containing his signature.  

Source: Legifrance 


As a private law investigator, the insurance investigator is regulated by the same regulations as detectives / private investigators.  

The report that the investigator will deliver to the insurance company will allow the company to:  

  • Confront the insured and/or the third party with evidence that proves their bad faith 
  • File a complaint 

On one of our recent files, we were able to prove that the insured, who received the lightning on his home every year (replacement contract for new electronic equipment), created false documents for the insurance company.  

The insurance investigator is governed by Article 20 of Law No. 83-629 of 07-12-1983, modified by Article 102 of Law No. 2003-239 of 03-18-2003, relating to security professions, codified in its entirety in Book VI of the Law on internal security dated March 30, 2012. 

Pour tout conseil ou devis gratuit, le cabinet AJT Détective vous répond au 

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