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From the desire to please the recruiter:  

We are seeing a considerable increase in frauds and falsifications in hiring even though one of the main objectives of recruitment is transparency.

Experts in recruitment estimate that 3 out of 4 CVs today are misleading. 90% of people who falsify their CV consider it normal.

An unsuccessful recruitment costs an average of one year’s salary for the company. It is a competitive advantage to ensure from the outset that candidates are reliable.  

What does the law say?  

The Code of Labor states that the employer has the right and the duty to verify the authenticity of all information appearing on a resume, provided it is done legally! 


A decision by the Court of Cassation on November 25th validated the termination for serious misconduct of an employee who lied during his recruitment.  

An illustration:  

Loïc wanted to contact authorized investigators for CV verifications. He wanted to verify the law degrees and past experiences of his employee, who holds a position as a legal manager. We accepted the mission and were able to start the investigations, after signing a mandate with Loïc. As a result of our investigations, it was found that this employee had no legal degrees or experiences. Loïc was able to terminate his employee for serious misconduct.

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