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From the desire to please the recruiter:  

We are seeing a considerable increase in frauds and falsifications in hiring even though one of the main objectives of recruitment is transparency.

Experts in recruitment estimate that 3 out of 4 CVs today are misleading. 90% of people who falsify their CV consider it normal.

An unsuccessful recruitment costs an average of one year’s salary for the company. It is a competitive advantage to ensure from the outset that candidates are reliable.  

What does the law say?  

Le texte:

The Code of Labor states that the employer has the right and the duty to verify the authenticity of all information appearing on a resume, provided it is done legally! 


A decision by the Court of Cassation on November 25th validated the termination for serious misconduct of an employee who lied during his recruitment.  

An illustration:  

Loïc wanted to contact authorized investigators for CV verifications. He wanted to verify the law degrees and past experiences of his employee, who holds a position as a legal manager. We accepted the mission and were able to start the investigations, after signing a mandate with Loïc. As a result of our investigations, it was found that this employee had no legal degrees or experiences. Loïc was able to terminate his employee for serious misconduct.