AJT Detective agency
Criminal counter investigation

A hint of legal…  

First, justice investigates both the accused and the charges. This is the investigation phase. 

This involves verifying whether the offense has actually been committed. 

The outcome can take two forms: a stay of proceedings, which ends the procedure, or an indictment. 

In either case, the accused has the possibility to mandate the AJT Detective firm to conduct a criminal counter-investigation. 

What is the goal of a criminal counter-investigation?  

In search of truth, we will investigate to try to thwart a first investigation conducted by the court or an indictment. 

The criminal counter-investigation to be put in place by AJT Detective will: 

  • Review the entire file and facts 
  • Bring new evidence to exonerate the accused

AJT Detective investigates only in the accused’s defense as part of the criminal counter-investigation. This, in order to prove the innocence of its client. 

Ultimately, we will try to find new evidence to allow for the reopening of the file. 

The criminal counter-investigation is the accused’s last resort. That is why the AJT Detective agency will do everything in its power to carry it out. 

When to request a criminal counter-investigation?  

It can be requested after the closure of the investigation or after a verdict.”