AJT Detective Agency
Employee surveillance

The AJT Detective Agency, bound by professional confidentiality, is at your service to help you in the search for evidence. 

The scope of a private investigator for an individual is very wide, we will advise you and, if necessary, direct you to a professional or other appropriate service. 

Our investigations take place within the framework of the law and in a legal, moral, and legitimate context. We are committed to being available, responsive and reachable by our clients and their lawyers. 

If you decide to appoint a lawyer to assist you in court, we can work in collaboration with them. 

Furthermore, our detailed reports are admissible in all courts. 

Here are some examples of the investigations carried out by the firm on a daily basis:


  • Adultery
  • Divorce
  • Pre-marriage investigations
  • Family problems
  • Neighborhood disturbances
  • Detection of electronic surveillance devices
  • Control of associates
  • CV verifications
  • Search for missing persons
  • Drug consumption
  • Search for biological parents
  • Morality investigation: background, drugs, sects, alcoholism…
  • Activities Family information
  • Search for heirs or beneficiaries
  • Travels
  • Search for evidence of a spouse’s fault
  • Child surveillance
  • Surveillance
  • Animal investigation
  • Investigation into the world of sects
  • Search for misappropriated heritage
  • Search for evidentiary elements in a dispute between individuals
  • Counter criminal investigation
  • Investigation into insurance fraud
  • Verification of the accuracy of the consequences of an accident Search for the cause of an unknown origin accident 

For any advice or free quote, the AJT Detective Agency will respond to +336 50 66 36 39.