Illegal Subletting

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Illegal Subletting

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Illegal Subletting, prohibited by law: 

If subletting is not specified in the contract, it becomes illegal. 

Our firm helps you to prove illegal subletting by gathering evidence in that direction. This, through a neighborhood investigation and monitoring of the property. 

The consequences of subletting:  

  • Termination of the lease Eviction of the occupants
  • Transfer of the obtained surplus value to the owner
  • Granting the owner damages and interest  

The benefit of using our accredited private detective agency:  

Our report, admissible in court, will allow you to provide the necessary evidence to defend your interests before the competent courts. 


On April 6, 2016, the Paris Instance Court decided that subletting on a peer-to-peer platform without the landlord’s permission was constitutes illegal subletting. The tenant was evicted and had to pay 5000 € in damages and interest, as well as 25 000 € in legal fees. 

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As an illustration:  

Hélène owned her property for eight years. Her neighbors contacted her because they could no longer sleep because of the noise coming from her apartment. Hélène saw her apartment for rent on the internet and decided to mandate us to prove this subletting, as well as the neighborhood disturbances. 

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