AJT Détective Privé
vols en entreprise

Newspaper crime reports are full of them: corporate theft is frequent. From major companies to SMEs, from employees who repeatedly steal small items to those who embezzle funds, each situation deserves to be analyzed and solved. 

Turning to authorized and experienced investigators through AJT Detective 

While respecting the applicable laws, the AJT Detective agency operates discreetly to confirm or dispel your doubts about an employee. Because it is important for you to collaborate in good conditions of trust and serenity. 

The means of our investigators 

  • Infiltrate the company

An immersion in the company can sometimes approach the person suspected of breaking the rules of good salaried conduct in order to study their behavior. 

  • Conduct cash register checks

Under the employer’s direction, the AJT Detective agency may be called upon to perform cash register checks to verify that the money collected is not misappropriated. 

  • Monitor a warehouse or business

In compliance with the law, the AJT firm may conduct warehouse or employee surveillance (provided a clause stipulating this is included in their contract). Discreetly, private investigators gather the necessary evidence for the client to use before the competent authorities. 

For example, we frequently intervene in fuel theft. In a decision of October 14, 2015, the Court of Cassation confirmed a consistent jurisprudence in the field of theft in the company. The employee who filled the tank of his vehicle and several cans with the company’s fuel had a behavior that made it impossible to maintain in the company and constituted a serious fault (with termination).