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What is counterfeiting? 

Counterfeiting refers to the reproduction, imitation, or total or partial use of a property right without the authorization of its owner.  

It may be a patent, model, software, integrated circuit or plant variety.  

Is your company’s balance sheet considered “deplorable”? The reasons can be multiple: 

  • A loss of turnover, market share 
  • A loss to the national economy due to purchases of counterfeit goods abroad 
  • A loss of image and reputation, counterfeiting devalues legitimate businesses 
  • A budget loss: companies spend a lot on research and development, advertising, marketing, and communication that contributes to building their image 
  • Additional expenses if companies choose to fight counterfeiting 

In June 2019, the loss in France due to counterfeiting represents 7 billion euros. 

Regarding employment, legitimate manufacturers produce less, given the share of their sales taken by counterfeit products, and therefore employ fewer workers. The study estimates that nearly 468,000 jobs have been lost across the EU. 

Source of these figures

Fight against counterfeiting, commission AJT Detective: 

It is a fact that very many businesses are victims of counterfeiting.

Injured companies can turn to private investigator services to build a file that will accompany their civil or criminal request. 

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