AJT Detective agency
Neighborhood Disturbances

The ambiguity in the definition of abnormal disturbance:  

It is important to distinguish between disturbances that can cause normal inconvenience to the neighborhood, and those that cause abnormal annoyance. 

An abnormal disturbance is a repeated or permanent annoyance (e.g. loud music at night). 

It is a fact that the tenant has the obligation to maintain peace in their housing and the owner must respect the neighborhood. 

Our recommendations:  

Firstly, we recommend that you contact the person responsible for the nuisance to find a solution amicably. If this is not sufficient, you can send a simple letter and a letter with proof of receipt. 

The need to collect evidence:  

If the disturbances persist, you can resort to the approved investigators of the AJT Detective firm in order to provide tangible evidence for your claim. This, in order to be compensated. 

We will act discreetly and make observations of the actions of the person responsible for the disturbances. Our report will be admissible in court and you can obtain compensation for the damage.