AJT Detective agency

Seeking the manifestation of truth?  

AJT Detective agency can help you to shed light on a doubt or obtain information. 

The sphere of intervention of a private investigator for an individual is very wide, we advise you in several areas: 

  • Family law (adultery/divorce, child custody, compensatory allowance, alimony)
  • Detection of microphones
  • Real estate investigation (subletting, neighborhood disturbance)
  • Counter-criminal investigation  

Our investigations  

Our investigations are conducted in accordance with the law and within a legal, moral and legitimate framework. We are committed to being available, responsive, and reachable by our clients and their lawyers. 

If you decide to appoint a lawyer to assist you in court, we can work in collaboration with him. 

Our approved reports  

In addition, our detailed reports are admissible in all courts.