AJT Detective has a practice of working with many legal professionals. Our support will assist, guide and represent your interests. 

An article on the importance of the collaboration between lawyer and detective


Lawyer is a legal expert whose role is to advise, represent, assist and defend physical or moral person that you are, in court. 

The circumstantial investigation report provided by the detective will provide the lawyer with concrete evidence admissible in court in order to better defend the interests of his client. 

The lawyer is bound to respect a number of duties, including: 

  • they are bound by professional secrecy,
  • they are bound by a duty of loyalty: they cannot advise or represent several parties in the same case if a conflict of interest exists between them. Furthermore,
  • they cannot accept a new case if the secret of information given by a former client is at risk of being violated, or if the information they have from a former client will favor the new client,
  • they must refuse to participate in the drafting of an act or convention that is manifestly illegal or fraudulent,
  • they must obtain their client’s agreement to contact the opposing party in order to find an amicable solution to a dispute,
  • they are obliged to defend their client’s interests to the best of their ability, even with respect to their own interests or those of their colleagues. 

We regularly collaborate with our clients’ counsel and can recommend one if you do not have one. 

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A notary is a public and ministerial officer appointed by the Garde des Sceaux. 

The notary has a triple role: 

  • Authentication: He authenticates the acts he establishes by affixing his seal and his own signature. This way, he can secure contracts, donations, wills, or debt recognitions.
  • Advice: This legal professional has an obligation to advise his clients.
  • Conservation: He ensures the proper preservation of acts at his office headquarters.

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Court bailiff

A justice bailiff is a ministerial officer appointed by the Keeper of the Seals. 

Some of their roles include: 

  • Signifying legal documents and authenticating the people to whom they are delivered 
  • Delivering court summons 
  • Carrying out the judicial or amicable recovery of all debts 
  • Providing legal consultations, validate game rules, organize auctions 

Although some of the functions of the justice bailiff are competitively exercised, they still hold a monopoly on the following missions: notifications, forced executions of judicial decisions and executory titles, and internal services of courts and tribunals. 

They can also create legal certificates with an authentic character that serve as irrefutable evidence in the event of a dispute. They do not have the power to investigate. 

For this purpose, justice bailiffs typically work in collaboration with a private detective to ensure that they intervene at the right time to create a legal certificate.

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