• Can I use the investigation report of AJT DETECTIVE private investigator in court?

Our investigation agency holds an accreditation from the National Council of Private Security Activities. As a result, our reports are usable in all courts, and our word is taken as evidence. So, when you receive our final report, you or your lawyer can use it in court. A consistent jurisprudence confirms the admissibility of private investigator reports in court, according to the same terms as any other form of evidence (jurisprudence 07/11/1962).

  • Is it legal to hire your services?

Absolutely. Since our profession is regulated and controlled. Article L621-1 of the Code of Internal Security defines the activity of a private investigator as: “Freelance profession that consists of a person collecting, without stating their quality or revealing the purpose of their mission, information or information for third parties, for the defense of their interests”

  • Can I be reimbursed in court for the expenses incurred for your services?

Yes, according to Article 700 of the new Code of Civil Procedure, your lawyer can request reimbursement of non-recoverable expenses from the opposing party. Jurisprudence has confirmed this in a decision by the Court of Appeal (22.12.2000). More information here

  • Can I entrust you with personal and professional data without fear of them being disclosed?

Absolutely. Our listening, availability, and strict professional secrecy will put you at ease. You can therefore confide in complete security. Article 226-13 of the criminal code guarantees the discretion of a private investigator.

  • Is it legal and authorized to have my employee followed?

Absolutely. As long as the surveillance does not violate the employee’s privacy and the means used respect the legal framework. A famous decision recognized the tailing of an employee as a lawful and admissible mode of proof, as long as this means