Investigations in France and internationally

agencies: Lyon, Bourgoin-Jallieu, and Paris

Since 2016


-> Report recognized by the justice and written to order for your lawyer
-> You are kept informed of the progress of the investigation
-> Choose AJT Detective to obtain the services of an approved detective


Are you a business owner and feel wronged by an unlawful act? Unfair competition, sick leave, dishonest employees, internal theft, fuel theft, unknown loss. We propose to use our legal knowledge to establish the strongest and most effective investigation strategy to defend your interests.

Subject to professional secrecy, discretion is part of the DNA of our profession.


AJT Private Detective is at your disposal to assess your needs and be competent in the mission you will entrust to him.

Do you want to clear up a suspicion, be informed or have solid evidence of a fact that harms you? Infidelity, divorce, child custody, revision of compensatory benefits / alimony, search for people, detection of microphones. Don't be afraid, it's our everyday life. We will be by your side to reveal the truth by proof to find effective solutions to your problems. Our reports are admissible in court and allow you, if necessary, to objectively demonstrate to the judges the merits of your approach.


When professionalism rhymes with proximity

Diploma in law, we have many years of experience in investigation.

Your satisfaction is our priority, you will know to trust us: 

  • Listening: Effective intervention requires knowledge of the customer’s needs.
  • Reactivity and adaptability: we intervene in the shortest possible time throughout France thanks to our staff.
  • Discretion: our investigators are experienced and subject to professional secrecy, making their investigations discreet and transparent
  • Legality: our interventions respect a moral, legal and legitimate framework. This framework is controlled by an external body, CNAPS.

We speak French, English, Spanish, and Italian. 

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us through the form at the bottom of the page or consult our FAQ. 



Entrust us with your search for truth

1. Initial contact

Would you like to tell us about a situation? Contact us by email or phone. 

We will arrange for a first free and confidential phone appointment to clarify your needs and allow us to establish a quote. 

2. Receiving the quote

Once you receive the quote, you have the choice to proceed with our services.

When you choose to collaborate with AJT Detective, you can sign the contract documents remotely (by email or mail) or by meeting us in person. 

Our expertise allows us to both prove or disprove the suspicion of potential harm. 


3. The investigation

At this stage, we have all the information necessary for the investigation to begin. 

Throughout the investigation, you are informed of our actions for perfect control of your budget. 

4. Report delivery

When the investigation is complete, we record the information collected in a report 

  • admissible in court
  • tailor-made for your lawyer
  • accompanied by photo illustrations supporting our findings. 


Why not you? 


Our expertise, our clients speak best of it! Check their feedback 


Confidentiality guaranteed!