Unfair competition… decision made 2 years later

Yesterday, March 18, 2020, in the morning, we received a call from a lawyer working in a Lyon firm. We won’t name him, but he’ll quickly recognize himself… 

He contacts us to “discuss the — file.” As our files are kept and archived in accordance with CNIL regulations, it takes us a while to remember the said case. 

The lawyer then exclaims, “Don’t make any effort, I just called you to tell you that my client has won everything in court regarding the unfair competition that we worked on together… It took two years but your investigations were worth it.” 

A telephone call of just a few minutes, enough to give us energy for the day and continue to fight for our clients. 

For information, on this case, our client’s employee had left the company and was poaching the employer’s clients. Thanks to our field investigations, we were able to provide the lawyer with a detailed report highlighting the actions of the employee. 

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